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Master Shields is proud to offer our clients a complete 360 degree range of products and services to fully protect or upgrade your vehicle. We have almost a decade of hand-on experience, and only use the very best products, including our own Master Shield brand that we created specifically for the harsh Canadian climate and our client’s specific needs. 

We offer  the following services for individual clients, dealerships and fleet vehicles:

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a transparent layer of thermoplastic material, usually made of either polyurethane or thermoplastic urethane. It is strategically applied onto the painted surface of a vehicle to provide an additional layer of protection against minor damages such as abrasions, stone chips and scratches.

The PPF is precisely cut to fit the contours of each panel of the vehicle’s body, ensuring an exact fit. Then, the film is carefully laid onto the vehicle’s surface where it bonds with the paint, creating an additional layer of protection. Once in place, the film is virtually invisible and maintains the vehicle’s original appearance.

PPF is highly resistant to environmental factors such as UV rays, moisture, and road debris. Additionally, it acts as a self-healing layer that absorbs minor impacts and abrasions, returning to its original state without any visible damage. Our PPF brands also boast optical clarity, meaning that it doesn’t distort the appearance of the paint or the vehicle’s color.

PPF is a popular choice for drivers who prioritize the protection of their vehicle’s paint. It is often used on high-end exotic cars, sports cars, and luxury vehicles. It is a great investment that increases the lifespan of your vehicle’s paint job, keeps your vehicle looking new, and helps maintain the resale value of your automobile.

 We offer several PPF Shield packages including front bumper, partial front end kit, full front end kit and full car coverage. Each package is custom cut to perfectly fit selected areas of your vehicle for best protection against rock chips, hazardous road debris, scratches, bugs and road salt. All our packages come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty against cracking, yellowing, and peeling.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic car coatings are the newest paint protection solution that will keep your vehicle cleaner and shinier. No longer will you have to worry about time-consuming tasks such as waxing or polishing. 

 Most ceramic coatings such as Nanolex, Ceramic Pro, and Gtechniq contain silicon dioxide which is more commonly known as silica. Silica is naturally very hard which enables coatings to resist swirl-marks and scratches that would otherwise ruin your finish. 

 Every coating manufacturer has its proprietary mix but essentially they mix liquid ceramic with silicon dioxide and sometimes even titanium dioxide to create a clear flexible barrier between the environment and your car’s paint.

Ceramic coatings then bond chemically to your clear-coat via a covalent bond which ends up being the strongest type of bond in nature which allows the coating to last for many years. Waxes, on the other hand, don’t bond to your paint, they just sit on top of it which requires car owners to constantly reapply wax to keep their paint protected.

Window Tinting

At Master Shields we are proud to offer premium quality ceramic and nano-ceramic films for residential, commercial, and automotive applications.

We understand that superior performance, durability, and aesthetics are essential factors when choosing the right window tint for your needs. That’s why we have carefully selected the finest ceramic and nano-ceramic films on the market, from trusted manufacturers who specialize in cutting-edge technologies.

Our ceramic films are composed of advanced ceramic particles that block out heat, glare, and UV radiation, while still allowing natural light to pass through the window. The combination of quality polyester material and ceramic particles ensures that the film is highly durable, long-lasting, and resistant to fading, scratches, and abrasions. Furthermore, the non-metallic nature of the ceramic tint allows for enhanced clarity and minimal interference with electronic devices and signals, making it a perfect choice for modern homes, offices, and vehicles.

For even better performance, our nano-ceramic films utilize nanotechnologies to achieve a higher degree of precision and control over the size and arrangement of the ceramic particles within the film. This results in even greater solar control properties, such as superior heat rejection, glare reduction, and UV protection. Additionally, our nano-ceramic films offer the same durability, longevity, and non-metallic features as our ceramic films.

We take pride in our experienced and certified installers who deliver exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. Our tinting services not only enhance the performance and aesthetics of your windows but also boost privacy, security, and energy savings.

If you’re looking for the best ceramic or nano-ceramic window tinting services, look no further than our dedicated team. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let us help you discover the benefits of top-quality window tinting.

Seat Belt Installation

Your vehicle is more than a device to get from point A to point B. It is an extension of your personality, or even your companies brand, and the interior of your vehicle is no exception. Many people upgrade the exterior of their vehicle with our Master Shield wraps, and then when they see the results, they want to continue with their vision and upgrade the interior with accent pieces, such as a new seat belt colourway combination. 

 A new seat belt colourway is an excellent way to add an accent feature to the interior of your vehicle, they can be anything you choose from a slight variance on the current colour, to something bright and wild, choose from dozens of colors such as Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink & more! Our expert team of professionals will install your new seat belts so they not only look great, but are held to the highest safety standards possible. 

Commercial Window Tinting

Window tinting of Commercial properties help improve the comfort of the workspace as well as helps cut down utility expenses by preventing the office space from becoming too warm. Some commercial properties use decorative films that enhance the beauty of the property. Window / Glass wall tinting within offices can help provide privacy to the office space and meeting rooms. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, window films also provide security cover in cases of attempted break-ins by holding the glass shards together, thereby not only preventing unwanted entry, but also preventing any physical injury.

Residential Window Tint

Tinting not only improves beauty of the house but also protects you from the UV rays thereby allowing you to live in comfort without the use of blinds and sun shades. When a room is too much exposed to the sunlight, it can make a room too warm. Window tinting not only prevents the room to become too warm, but also prevents the glare; at the same time ensuring that the room is enlightened with natural light. In summers, this can also help in reducing electricity cost when heat is prevented. Besides, with lesser sunlight permeating inside the house, window tinting helps preserve expensive furniture, hardwood floors and other decoration items in the house.